Jackson "Jack" Andrews


Jack is about 6’3", and weighs 210 lbs. He has brown hair and his eyes changed to an amber color after his embrace. He wears an old black leather jacket, black leather boots, loose fitting denim pants, and wears simple t-shirts.

His feral nature makes humans a bit uneasy around him (humanity 5), and he has a marked tendency (minor fixation) on listlessly pacing back and forth, whenever he becomes anxious or bored.

Personality: Jack’s a surly, assertive, tough, and aggressive “Alpha”. He reacts violently to anyone showing up in his territory, except those he’s extended his protection to i.e., Josie, Jimbo, Ellen his sire, and anyone who is brought in by them (temporarily).

His marked territory is the Carr Square neighborhood of St Louis, which is a rough neighborhood, but he keeps a lot of bad people out of it. Both Ruben and Deputy Anders know to drop off the names of troublemakers and outsiders in an old pneumatic tube carrier in the park. His territory is bordered by Cass Ave to the North, Locust Street to the South, Eastern border is Tucker Blvd, and Western border is Jefferson St. I share the area with the “Spooky Lady”, who’s been there since the 1920’s (and is sort of forgotten)…

He was embraced in the 90’s by Ellen, as he was making his way down the Riverfront after a concert. She had just awakened from torpor, and needed someone to teach her about the modern world, and was impressed that he was willing to single-handedly attacked a group of men who were harassing her. The group of men beat him to the point of death, but she spirited him away and embraced him later that night.

Ellen was a river pirate, who was embraced in the 1850’s when her captain attacked a flat-bottomed canal boat which was owned by a Gangrel named Louis.

The old Carr School Building

1. Lacroix (Dave’s Ventrue)
2. Ellen Devereux, my maker
3. Josie AKA “The Spooky Lady” Black, a Mekhet whom I share my haven with. “She steals the shadows of the bad girls…”

1. Ruben Jackson, head of the local Folk Nation gang (operating in my hunting grounds)
2. Heather Robinson, Local Historian/Author
3. Sherry Anders, a local beat cop.

1. Reggie Hammer, a Gangrel “cousin” of mine, who’s “jealous” of my involvement with Josie…
2. Chas. Pendelton the 3rd, I embarrassed the shit out of the mincing fuck during a “get together” the Prince was holding. He “puffed up” (frenzied the first time we met), and I deflated his punk ass in front of everyone. I ended up beating him down, and then pulling his left fang out of his mouth.
3. Anything Bjoern makes….

1. To crush my enemies
2. To see them driven before me
3. To put an end the lamentations of their women and children…

Jackson "Jack" Andrews

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